11th November 2011 Designing a New Leak Detector Range

With the largest installed base of leak testers in the industrial, automotive and medical device industries, Uson builds leak detectors to exacting standards for leading manufacturers to test for leaks in mechanical parts such as motors, valves and coils.

DesignEdge worked on the Sprint iQ to design a robust enclosure and ergonomic keypad to bring the Sprint series up-to-date and create visual continuity. After working successfully on the Sprint, Uson again used DesignEdge for a professionally designed enclosure for the QmR and Vector. Designed to be used on the benchtop or mounted into automated systems, QmR is impressively simple to use. While Vector offers the ultimate in testing performance, speed, flexibility and durability. Working with DesignEdge can open up new design possibilities to find out more please contact us.