25th May 2017 Full Stop Bowl Controls Your Portions

DesignEdge has helped to create The Full Stop Bowl with Cambridge based Alix Avery, who used her own experience of failed diets to develop the bowl and regain control of how much she ate. The bowl was designed to change lifestyle habits and help people to eat less, rather than just another yo-yo diet accessory. The final sculptured design which has a stomach shape formed into it, is a visual reminder of the amount you should eat at mealtimes. The key benefit is that no weighing or special diet food is required, you eat what your friends or family are eating – just less.

Alix says: “I invented it because I needed it. In a time when more attention is focused on the issues surrounding obesity, diabetes and a healthy lifestyle, I believe that the Full Stop Bowl is a helpful tool to control the amount you eat without any fuss”. Designed and manufactured in Great Britain, as well as being dishwasher and microwave safe, all packaging and The Full Stop Bowl is fully recyclable.