When Cambridge based company AlertMe wanted to develop an intelligent security system it called upon DesignEdge. The challenge was to create a system that was compact, refined and as simple as possible. The result is a kit with a central hub that plugs into broadband and links wirelessly to a variety of sensors strategically placed around the home. Along with thinking how the consumer would use every aspect of the system, DesignEdge had to ensure that all the devices from the look of the plastic to the glow of the lights had the feel of a high end consumer offering.

DesignEdge visited a number of China factories for manufacturing and tooling vendor selection, the final BoM included 28 plastic parts, 7 TPE parts, 6 metal machined and tooled parts.

The company was announced as the winner in the Consumer Product Design category at the Design Week Awards, in recognition of the design of its wireless home monitoring and security service. To have our team’s efforts at making objects of desire of home security and energy management recognized by these highly acclaimed awards is absolutely thrilling. Receiving equal status with the Apple MacBook Air at the Design Week Awards is praise indeed! Our thanks go to our industrial designers DesignEdge, for a truly cracking job.”

Pilgrim Beart | Technical Director | AlertMe