Roamer-Too is the latest version of the popular Roamer robot and it combines the latest robotic technology with the science of learning. Roamer-Too is aimed at classrooms and your imagination to create an exciting and dynamic educational tool that can help students understand complex ideas across a wide range of age groups and subjects. DesignEdge was an ideal partner in the research and development of the educational and technological ideas within a highly complex robot. The outcome is an advanced and market leading product that combines technology with fun.

We have made educational robots for 30 years, longer than any other company. With our latest Roamer the challenge was to bring our experience and creativity together within state-of-the art technology. In these situations the challenge is to ensure the design quality matches the vision. DesignEdge met that challenge going further, adding value to the concept with excellent detailed design. The devil is always in the detail and here they were exceptional, we are moulding some components to tolerances that moulders claimed impossible.”

David Catlin | Founder | Valiant