DesignEdge has worked with local company ERP to produce the ELIMINATA® range of products that save businesses money by cutting wasted energy in existing office appliances. DesignEdge met the brief through creating a clean, modern product look, offering a strong visual identity while meeting stringent safety regulations including EN 60730-1 and BS1363. A light detecting sensor is housed behind a clear window, while a light pipe which enhances and reflects the corporate identity, informs the user that the device is working correctly and makes the product ‘come alive’.

ELIMINATA® Energy Savers use ‘Plug-in and Forget’ smart technology to adapt to existing office appliances and deliver quick pay back – often within 12 months. DesignEdge’s awareness of market requirements, in-depth knowledge of high-volume manufacture and understanding of technological innovation combined with extensive polymer knowledge was the key to the project’s success. Our eyes were opened to new possibilities and we will be working with DesignEdge on our next generation of energy reducing products.”

John Halfpenny | Co-Founder | ERP