Ubisense, a world leader in location-aware technology and DesignEdge have collaborated to create UbiWatch, tracking the wearer to within 20cm in X, Y, and Z (altitude). The watch was designed to be comfortable, compact and impact resistant, presenting 4 character strings based on time and/or location. UbiWatch was funded through the US Department of Veterans Affairs and can prompt a person with cognitive impairment to remember to take medications, signalling them through a coloured display, vibration of the watch, or programmable tones which can be delivered by central control.

Ubisense was a winner at the Cambridge News Business Excellence Awards 2013, TWI Award for Technology Engineering in International Markets. It has achieved a Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2012 for both Innovation and International Trade, and was also named ‘IPO of the Year’ at the M&A Awards 2012. Armed with a technology portfolio that can transform the management of assets and processes, fixed or mobile, Ubisense has grown into a leading location solutions company, serving customers such as BMW, Airbus, Aston Martin, Caterpillar, US Army and Deutsche Telekom.