The brief was to create wearable products for the ‘digital human’, a vision of the future for the latest Toshiba miniaturised hard disk. The Digital Wallet combines all the personal features you could ever want into a single device. The wrist PDA offers full interactivity with the comfort of a watch. iSpecs bring personal mobile computing to an entire new level, supporting a wide level of connectivity including Bluetooth and WiFi. These concepts helped promote the Toshiba Hard Drive Revolution design competition and were launched at the International Consumer Electronics Show.

There is a relentless drive for ever smaller electronic products and storage technologies are responding to this call allowing product designers to work at smaller geometries. Designers need to attempt to differentiate these products at this smaller size. The company believes that the concept designs shown at CeBIT will inspire designers and manufacturers of next generation, smart mobile accessories. The new applications and products are limited only by the imagination of our manufacturing partners.”

Tom Frawley | European Business Development Manager | Toshiba SDD