Michell Instruments approached DesignEdge to re-design their industrial hygrometer. They needed better ergonomics, better looks and a product that cost less to produce than the existing unit. Sales of the new S8000 design have doubled in half the forecasted time. “We now have a truly class leading instrument, both in terms of the performance that we have developed and style brought in by DesignEdge,” says Andrew Stokes. “The S8000 is a visually stunning laboratory instrument in its vertical orientation and there is nothing like it in our sector. In the horizontal format it retains a lineage that suits the more traditional industrial applications. This gives us the best of both worlds with only minor inventory overhead between the two configurations.”

In the development of this product we feel that we are taking a bold step by forcing the issue and bringing about a seed change in the traditionally very conservative instrumentation sector. Function and price are still the key “must have” factors but I believe that if we can also give our customers a sexy looking product then that will also become a key aspirational attribute. DesignEdge’s in-depth understanding of manufacturing and engineering allowed it to work alongside Michell like an extension to the engineering team. DesignEdge got on with the ‘real’ design as soon as possible rather than producing reams of heavily stylised but wholly impractical sketches. I prefer that way of working and think that the results speak for themselves.”

Andrew Stokes | Technical Director | Michell Instruments