Megger is a brand internationally recognised for dependability and quality in portable electrical test and measurement equipment. After consultation with electrical contractors DesignEdge presented a wide ranging concept study. A design was developed with a rugged aesthetic, a dual pivot lid and protective rubber armour. Convenient to operate, the ergonomic design can be hand held or used with a neck strap. All three products in the range, the Megger MIT300, MIT310 and MIT320 are available in digital or analogue formats, the products were a finalist in the Plastics Industry Awards for their innovative polymer integration.

We wanted to develop an instrument that made everything else used by an electrician feel much more comfortable and easy to use than they did before. The design is so clean and functional that it manages to make something very complex look very simple, but it won’t cross our users’ minds that design has been involved in developing the product. There are no buried functions which mean it’s obvious how to use it and it features colour-coded ranges to help test selection and reduce testing time. A user guide in the lid provides all the basic information. At the customers’ request it’s also designed to take the bashing that meters receive on site.”

Nick Hilditch | Product Manager | Megger