Having worked together succesfully several times in the past, Inca once again asked DesignEdge to handle all the industrial design for their latest project. The Inca Onset is the world’s fastest large format digital flatbed printer. It offers large format printing for retail, advertising and point of purchase graphics at unprecedented speeds. To ensure a fast turnaround, DesignEdge began working straight away in 3D, modelling a range of realistic concepts that could be adjusted on the fly as they were refined in response to client feedback.

Design for us is as important as functionality. We manufacture premium end inkjet printers and want to produce products that are stylish and have a distinctive feel. Design is important to us but this isn’t the case industry wide. Many companies still see cutting out design as a way to cut costs. But with stylish products on the market this can only be to our advantage”

Heather Kendle | Marketing Director | Inca