The HAT™ modulator uses advanced switching techniques to provide a high bandwidth power supply, replacing the normal DC supply feed to improve efficiency of mobile phone masts. The enclosure was developed having regard both for mechanical and industrial design. Of particular note was the harsh environment that the unit would encounter yet the specification called for zero maintenance. DesignEdge’s knowledge of materials and engineering was needed to provide a solution that ensured the component junction temperature remained in tolerance given a very high ambient whilst the overall package was small, rugged and built to last a 10 year life cycle.

Although the modulator is a component that ultimately ends up buried inside a cellular or WiMAX base station, the aesthetic design is still important since we want the product, and Nujira’s brand to be easily and readily identifiable. It could be just another boring component and the extra effort to make the design aesthetically pleasing is definitely worthwhile. This is where DesignEdge’s knowledge of mechanics, materials and manufacturing techniques helps. While design can be the main priority with consumer products there are restrictions on more technical products, this type of design has very stringent cost, quality and technical objectives that must be met. The customers for the Nujira product are the world’s leading mobile infrastructure vendors who are working in a very competitive industry with very demanding customers; the network operators. Product reliability is very important and the thermal and mechanical design of the product directly influences this.”

Stirling Essex | Project Manager | Nujira