The DesignEdge team has now completed final revisions on the next generation Series 7000 real-time location systems (RTLS) providing UWB tracking of people and assets. The aim was to reduce the size, weight, cost, complexity and time required for assembly, achieved by developing concurrently the electronics and the enclosure. Ubisense wanted to simplify manufacturing, incorporate additional functionality and keep costs down by optimising the tooling. The completed design has brought the average assembly time down from a few minutes to a matter of seconds. As a result, the cost of producing the enclosure was reduced to around one tenth of the original, with no loss of functionality.

Design is very important when you are pioneering a new market and we feel this new design represents a step-change for our product. The many different applications for Series 7000 have meant the tag needs to be as widely applicable as possible. By working with DesignEdge we have achieved a distinctive design that is flexible but still attractive.” The tags won the inaugural Best British Inside iaward which celebrate the forefront of British science, technology and innovation. DesignEdge was recognised with the Ubisense Strategic Supplier Award.

Dr Paul Webster | Founder and Director of Hardware | Ubisense