DesignEdge has collaborated with Dynamic Flow Technologies to develop the world’s first wastewater meter which accurately measures the smallest flows of water through sewer pipes. The challenge was to design a meter that would be non-obtrusive, WRAS compliant, cost-effective and embraces the latest remote reading technologies. Consideration was given to the overall construction which needed to be extremely rugged and fully sealed. DesignEdge detailed the parts in 3D CAD in preparation for volume manufacture, also introducing DFTL to suitable suppliers and supporting the components through the tooling phase. Wessex Water has begun trialling the meter which could prove good news for commercial customers as it provides the opportunity for people to finally pay for what they really use rather than the proxies which are presently in place.

This is an exciting and innovative project which could possibly revolutionise the sewerage industry. Being able to cheaply, accurately and reliably measure the range of flows that go on inside sewer pipes has up until now not been economically possible. However, this innovative bit of kit, which utilises microwave technology and has nothing invasive in the bore, can measure flows as low as 0.20 l/s equivalent to the tiniest trickle in the invert of the pipe, up to virtually full bore flows.”

Matt Wheeldon | Head of Wastewater Strategy | Wessex Water