Tinsley approached DesignEdge to handle the industrial design of a new instrument to detect and monitor glaucoma conditions. Our aim from the start was to combine Tinsley’s new technology with innovative industrial design in a way that would surpass the competition in terms of function and style. From a functional point of view the finished design features a patient unit with a motorized movement to allow adjustment to individual patients and the eyepiece allows various lenses to be inserted to fit comfortably around the eye. The controller unit was designed featuring intuitive touch-screen technology. DesignEdge was able to use its considerable experience in manufacturing materials and processes to generate a design that could be produced affordably using injection moulded plastics and low cost UK tooling.

Good design is now a lot more important to opticians, due to the competition. It’s now good to have nice looking equipment to let customers know that you provide a quality service. Our equipment now fits in nicely with the other equipment that opticians have in their practice. It’s been very well received in the industry. In fact so much so that we are now looking to modify other products using the techniques we have learned. I really believe it is the best union of form and function.”

Adrian Church | Product Manager | Tinsley Medical Instruments