Rapid Biosensor Systems Ltd, a Cambridge-based technology and business development company, innovates and exploits technology solutions for the rapid detection of infectious diseases at the point-of-care. The first target disease was Tuberculosis and the company required an industrial design solution that met a demanding product requirement specification. Design Edge helped RBS to give birth to the TB Breathalyser which requires the non-invasive collection and testing of cough samples, whilst ensuring that the system is portable, simple to use, low cost, rapid and safe. It is vital that it can be used in the Third world. Design Edge have been working with RBS throughout all the product development phases from initial concepts right through to pre-production design which was proven to be extremely accurate in field trials in India and Africa.


Design Edge has been vital throughout our entire product development. Their ability to convert our technology ideas and market requirements into workable, robust solutions has been essential to our success. Their team have a wealth of knowledge and expertise; and rapidly assimilate the information they need to come up with clever, innovative designs with manufacturing and certification in mind. We are now moving forward with Design Edge’s help, in the prototyping of other rapid tests for diagnosing infectious conditions.”

Dr Elaine McCash | Technical and Research Director | Rapid Biosensor Systems Ltd