Siemens is the leading provider of Point-of-Care Testing platforms offering healthcare professionals the ability to provide effective and immediate patient care. DesignEdge worked with the in-house team to design the CLINITEK Advantus Urine Chemistry Analyzer integrating Point-of-Care and laboratory workflow. CLINITEK improves urine testing reliability while minimising the ‘hands-on” testing time while reading reagent strips for diabetes, renal checks and urinary tract infection. The analyzer offers medical professionals, through an easy to use and intuitive touch screen display the ability to record patient information and operator identification.

CLINITEK AdvantusAnalyzer was designed for optimal ergonomics and responds to demands for higher productivity and high quality. It dramatically improves the user’s experience and streamlines workflow with flexible operation including immediate start-up and automatic calibration. The analyzer is network ready and automatically reads, interprets and documents Multistix® test strip results with a throughput of seconds/sample; up to 500 tests/hour. With its cutting edge technology and advanced features CLINITEK is the benchmark for future urinalysis.