ARC Medical is a team of physicians looking for solutions and developing revolutionary and award-winning products that help deliver the very best patient care. DesignEdge and ARC have worked together on an ingenious single-use polyptrap designed to attach to the suction port of an endoscope and capture excised material by applying suction through the biopsy channel, the device then transforms into a specimen transport container. Wide-Eye™ Polyptrap features a unique transparent lid design with an inbuilt magnifying lens and upright positioning that provides enhanced visualization and verification of the smallest trapped polyp. Installation takes just seconds to minimise loss of suction and an easy pull lid accesses the polyp. Arc Medical is leading the way in increasing Adenoma Detection Rates (ADR) and improving retrieval methods.

Design Edge and ARC Medical Design have been working closely for a number of years to develop innovative medical products for identifying precancerous lesions in screening colonoscopy. Design Edge has a highly experienced team dedicated to creating novel solutions to difficult problems. Their approach of combining thought provoking simple and beautiful designs that can be mass produced for a worldwide market is why ARC has chosen them for all their design work.”

Mr Patrick Axon | Technical Director | ARC Medical Design