Moritex Schott develops, manufactures and distributes lighting and imaging solutions and supplies optical components and systems for machine vision and digital imaging. DesignEdge worked seamlessly with the Moritex team in the design of the Personal Video Assistant (PVA) their next generation analog and digital video capture device. The design needed to be compact and portable, to be employed in a variety of different applications. PVA can be used in assessing a customer’s skin condition and uses clear digital images to inform and advise. Using the latest plug and play technology the PVA is compact, lightweight and employs advanced CCD camera technology.

I have worked with DesignEdge on a number of projects over a number of years and have always found them to be not only very professional but able to produce innovative and stylish designs. Our first project, the PalmScope, proved highly successful and I’m sure the design and styling of the injection moulded casing played its part in that success. Our next project, the Personal Video Assistant (PVA) is still at a relatively early stage of maturity but DesignEdge has taken the plastic casing design to a new level with very fine tolerances. I will have no hesitation in going back to them for future designs.”

John Parker | Managing Director | Moritex Schott