Based on successes with previous projects Zeiss decided to bring in DesignEdge to help refine the design of the EVO range of electron microscope workstations. EVO posed a number of technical design challenges, one of which was to make the design scalable to 3 different sized machines; this was achieved by using modular tooling to allow parts to be extended easily whilst keeping costs to a minimum. Another area which in the past had been neglected was the cable management, which could look untidy this was resolved by designing a dedicated cable shroud that mounted onto the door and unified with the overall architecture. DesignEdge also worked on the instrument table top adding curved edges to create a flowing s-shaped ledge to wrap around the user.

Most of our competitors have very functional looking equipment, at Carl Zeiss we decided to inject some clear styling to improve the aesthetics and enhance the high end brand positioning. Styling is becoming more important for scientific equipment, although some companies remain cautious and conservative because too radical a design will limit one’s market potential. What we have produced is bolder and the design is seen to be quite different from the other equipment in the market. Being a strong design a number of people have commented that the equipment would definitely be on the visitor tours carried out by the MD or senior staff.”

Allister McBride | Sales and Marketing Director | Carl Zeiss