DesignEdge has worked with Bactest to develop Speedy Breedy is an easy to use, compact portable, precision respirometer and monitor of microbial activity that has been designed for both industrial applications and lab research. Speedy Breedy is used to incubate bacteria, detecting contamination and measuring biological activity in potable water, beer, food and beverage, paint, oil and many other applications. DesignEdge was responsible for all aspects of the physical design including an advanced heating/cooling system for the sample chambers, taking the idea from concept through into a production friendly product.

Speedy Breedy is a single or dual sample, two chamber instrument and maintains culture conditions within purpose designed, disposable culture vessels. Samples are inoculated into the culture vessel and Speedy Breedy closely controls growth conditions in order to facilitate rapid replication of cells or microbes. Speedy Breedy’s robust, disposable 50ml culture vessel eliminates the need for cleaning of potentially hazardous bottles and removes the need to send samples to a lab to be tested by technicians, which can cut days off the time required to test for contamination.