Objective Imaging was formed in March 2000 to provide excellence and innovation in automated imaging applications for microscopy. DesignEdge has helped develop the OASIS ‘Mini-Joy’ joystick into a compact and ergonomic controller, providing the user with convenient manual control of the XY and XYZ axes respectively. The XY joystick is a contactless Hall-effect type for high precision and reliability, whilst the side-mounted focus control on the 3-axis unit is an optical digi-knob providing precision and reliability, giving a similar feel in operation to the traditional microscope fine focus knob. Machined parts provide a high quality look and feel while at the same time act as a ballast to provide stability and balance. The focus digi-knob assembly can be mounted on either side for left or right handed users.

We started working with DesignEdge about 5 years ago and their involvement has transformed our business. DesignEdge has the unique ability to combine sound and efficient engineering design solutions with imaginative and distinctive product appearance. Every aspect of their work is well informed, meticulously executed and always underpinned by their experience in the cost-effective transfer of design into the reality of production. We now regard DesignEdge as a critical and integral part of our company and our future success.

Maurice Bowe | Managing Director | Objective Imaging