Renishaw, a world leader in industrial metrology and spectroscopy equipment consulted DesignEdge on the design of its latest benchtop instruments. DesignEdge had previously worked successfully on the inVia Raman microscopes. The design of a technical product has to be a compromise between something that is practical and aesthetically appealing. The key to this project was a design that would integrate state-of-the-art technology and meet all the technical issues while still creating a distinctive look that would stand out and be appealing to the eye. On the practical side, the product also had to be intuitive to use, easy to access and clean down. The result is a great example of integrating style with cutting-edge engineering and working closely with our client’s in-house team.

Renishaw is very excited to be introducing its latest product range; the RA800-series of OEM benchtop instruments. Based on a generic platform design, these high performance instruments can be configured to provide tailored chemical and material analysis solutions across a range of application areas. Simplicity and ease of use make the RA800-series ideally suited for routine use in laboratories, QA/QC and at-line. Now you can have research grade Raman microscopy performance in a Class 1 laser safe, simple to use form with software to match. Innovative technology results in very rapid data collection of high resolution spectra and Raman images.