Genevac, world leaders in solvent evaporation technology, came to DesignEdge when it wanted an advanced aesthetic with a real ‘wow factor’ for its new Rocket™ Evaporator, a high speed evaporator for use in pharmaceutical laboratories around the world. DesignEdge, with whom they had worked successfully over the previous 10 years generated a diverse range of digital sketch ideas. A spiral themed instrument was modelled in 3D CAD and DesignEdge developed the graphical interface and distinctive display icons. The radical styling of the Rocket™ incorporates leading edge technology and PU RIM processes. The Rocket™ has been designed to concentrate and dry the contents of up to six 450ml sample flasks in parallel, very rapidly and if required to concentrate the samples directly into small vials.

Working with Design Edge on the development of the Rocket™ has delivered our second award-winning instrument design. The eye-catching design is memorable and iconic, gaining a high degree of product and brand recognition in the market. The ergonomics of the system are superb, delivering ease of use and comfortable operation. The integration between the team at Design Edge and our in-house engineers was effective and efficient, with drawings, plans and images delivered on time, and taking into account product and cost constraints inherent in the project. Design Edge is a great development partner and our “secret weapon” in product innovation.”

Rob Darrington | Marketing and Business Development Manager | Genevac