28th September 2010 Design Gets Prescribed For Medical Products

DesignEdge and Devlin have designed a unique, totally sealed keyboard for use in the most sensitive areas of hospital and medical environments. Not only has it been designed to reduce the chances of MRSA being passed through the sharing of keyboards, it has also been designed to look good and be as user-friendly as possible.

Devlin’s MD Martin Baker explains: “By bringing in outside designers we were able to introduce an aesthetically pleasing concept and not just a purely functional design. The product features four newly patented inventions and we wanted to reflect the fact that this was something different from everything on the market. We showed the keyboard at CeBIT, people really responded to the look of the keyboard as a way of giving hospitals a friendlier and less austere image.”

21st July 2010 DesignEdge Makes Sushi at Home Easy

It takes a sushi chef 7 years training to become an expert. DesignEdge was approached to create a new type of machine to simplify and demistify the making of Nigiri rice blocks and a new rice roller to completely de-skill the process of making maki rolls which traditionally required a high degree of training.

The Nigiri press consists of a rice loader with a plunger, a sliding mould tray with an ejector and a presentation tray. The Maki Rice Roller is the world’s first home maki sushi machine, creating either beautiful Futomaki or Hosomaki rice rolls.  Ease of use was the key and parts were designed for FDA approval and easily dismantled for dishwashing. In addition, DesignEdge created the packaging design, instruction leaflet and branding, sourcing and managing the production in Malaysia.

16th June 2010 Design Makes Its Mark on Printing Industry

When it comes to design, industrial inkjet printers might not be there with iPods and Audis, but the industry is waking up to the fact that good design can bring benefits even to products on the factory floor. What design does is give a product an immediate impact when up against competition, this is seen in the Videojet 1510 ink-jet printer with industrial design by DesignEdge, which is easy to operate via its intuitive user interface, dual position door and simplified fluid replacement system.

Cost, says Alasdair Barnett, need not be a barrier to good design: “Contrary to popular opinion, design can actually save money and add product value. We can achieve this through choice of material, manufacturing techniques and suppliers. So good design can really be open to everyone.”

2nd May 2010 A New Way to Store Your Directories

DesignEdge has designed ‘Klipdok®’ a product to take the frustration out of storing directories, books and magazines using a unique adjustable rack that slides to exactly fit your collection. The central accessory holder stores useful items such as a sticky notepads, pens and address book, making this versatile product useful in both the home and the office. The racks are modular and can be clipped together to cater for an expanding selection of books or paperwork.

The ‘Klipdok®’ book rack is simple to assemble and is robust in construction, adjustable glide grips allow for different book widths. It is made from quality materials – light grey tinted clear ABS dividers and dark grey ABS base and can used for files, business directories. To find out more visit www.decproducts.com or Amazon.

18th February 2010 Cambridge University Sees How to Make Design a Reality

University of Cambridge, Institute for Manufacturing (IfM) students who designed a product to help the hard of hearing play music in an orchestra have been discovering how an innovative design and manufacturing technique could help become an affordable reality with the help of  DesignEdge.

DesignEdge used the Rythmijig project to demonstrate how up-front project start-up costs may be reduced using Rapid Manufacturing (RM), ‘additive processing’ for component build rather than the traditional tooling. Says James Moultrie, Lecturer in Design Management: “The students valued the opportunity to work with a professional design company and discover more about the practicality and reality of the design process. Design is becoming more important to industry as a whole, so whatever area of manufacturing they go into they will appreciate the importance of having things designed.”

12th January 2010 Real Time Information

Across the world ACIS Vix transforms the way people connect and commute. As a leader in Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Vix is able to provide solutions that aggregate large volumes of transport network data to deliver business intelligence in real time.

DesignEdge worked closely with the Vix marketing and engineering team to generate a range of solar panel powered Real Time Information (RTI) design concepts exploring mechanical, aesthetic and functional solutions. A preferred design was chosen and DesignEdge detailed the parts, assembly and BoM for prototype and then volume manufacture. The result is a fully sealed, weather-resistant and robustly constructed product built to last in harsh outdoor environments. The combination of the above has allowed Vix to deliver an affordable, RTI enabled system to the public transport market.