11th November 2011 Designing a New Leak Detector Range

With the largest installed base of leak testers in the industrial, automotive and medical device industries, Uson builds leak detectors to exacting standards for leading manufacturers to test for leaks in mechanical parts such as motors, valves and coils.

DesignEdge worked on the Sprint iQ to design a robust enclosure and ergonomic keypad to bring the Sprint series up-to-date and create visual continuity. After working successfully on the Sprint, Uson again used DesignEdge for a professionally designed enclosure for the QmR and Vector. Designed to be used on the benchtop or mounted into automated systems, QmR is impressively simple to use. While Vector offers the ultimate in testing performance, speed, flexibility and durability. Working with DesignEdge can open up new design possibilities to find out more please contact us.

28th August 2011 Molecular Dream Rocket in Wonderland

Gastronomist Heston Blumenthal, OBE has employed an instrument designed by DesignEdge to dream up an edible watch.For the mock turtle soup’s mad hatters pocket watch I had to employ the most cutting edge technology and methodology that I have in the kitchen by using the Rocket™ vacuum centrifuge. With its strobe and purple flashing lights it mesmerised my development chefs who took any and every opportunity to use it. It enabled me to create an incredibly intense essence.” Click here to see the article in the Telegraph newspaper.

Adds Alasdair Barnett: “The radical styling of the Rocket™ compliments its advanced technology and making the product stand out within crowded laboratory buyer guides and trade shows.” Instrument Business Outlook (IBO) announced the Rocket™ as a winner of its 16th annual IBO Design Awards for excellence in the industrial design of analytical instruments.

8th March 2011 Major Retailer Set to Sell Sink Trap

Dossil ‘Sinkie’ is already selling through Lakeland Plastics outlets and online, we can now announce that John Lewis is also committed to selling the latest Sinkie range to complement its bathroom accessories. DesignEdge has set up a joint venture alongside ITO Ltd to design and market this unique and innovative new product.

The Sinkie is an effective sink trap keeping all types of plugholes clear of waste with a stylish and patented design. Made from hard-wearing and extremely flexible silicone rubber, it will sit securely in place collecting any kitchen waste using suckers. It complements bathrooms, kitchens and hair salons and is available in different colours. A number of new product variants are in the pipeline for imminent launch, watch this space for the next new flexible product developments.

17th February 2011 Renishaw Wins Best Supplier Award in China

Renishaw has won the prestigious Best Supplier Award at the 2010 China Higher Educational Equipment Supplier Evaluation. The inVia Raman microscope is the first and only Raman spectrometer to win this award. inVia’s unique combination of high sensitivity and spectral resolution with full automation, helped earn it the highest score. DesignEdge was employed to develop the light-tight enclosure and door mechanism, giving a wide access aperture and easy sample loading.

A development cycle time of just 18 weeks from concept to production was achieved to keep Renishaw at the leading edge of Raman technology and help its users perform world class research. Renishaw’s inVia is currently the market leader in the Chinese high-end research-grade Raman market and The Best Supplier Award reflects Renishaw’s growing reputation among China’s leading universities.

25th January 2011 Creating a Family Image For MTL Instruments

MTL Instruments is a world leader in the development and supply of system infrastructure products and protection equipment to the Process Industries. DesignEdge was brought in create a unified and cohesive brand identity to the vast MTL product array and to generate a benchmark for future MTL product development.

On the strength of this guideline work DesignEdge developed the GECMA high quality HMI for industrial and Ex-endangered production areas. DesignEdge created a wide range of HMI concepts and developed a preferred design into a production ready reference design. The modular design consisted of intrinsically safe components and the selection of high quality materials allowing GECMA HMI to be operated in strict hygienic conditions and aggressive production environments. Even under temperature conditions of -30°C there is no functional impairment to the unit.

12th January 2011 Product Design Becomes Strategic Supplier

DesignEdge can announce that it has become a ‘Strategic Supplier’ to Ubisense and is honoured in accepting this distinguished award. DesignEdge has been developing the world leading Ubisense range of real-time location systems (RTLS) since its inception in 2005. This award reflects the success that both companies have had through our working partnership.

Ubisense ultra wideband (UWB) tracking systems provide visibility and control over assets which are constantly on the move, serving customers such as BMW, Airbus, Aston Martin, Caterpillar and the US Army. Ubisense recently won the inaugural Best British Inside iaward for its innovative technology and was ranked 14th in the 2010 Deloitte Fast 50. To find out how DesignEdge can deliver effective design to make your business successful please get in touch.