14th November 2018 A Revolution in Home Cooking

DesignEdge has combined clever design with 5000-year-old know how to create the Tandoor-i which can will fit perfectly into a new or an existing re-modelled kitchen with ease, grace and style. The new oven design which reaches temperatures of 340°C needed to be robust, easy to maintain and meet the relevant CE standards by BSI.

Brand Ambassador, Chef Atul Kochhar, “With the Tandoor-i Oven it’s so easy to achieve restaurant standard food from the comfort of your own home. The Tandoor is at the heart of Indian Cooking which delivers healthy and delicious dishes that are cooked to perfection time after time.” In most modern kitchens, the trick is to have all those must haves hidden away, but easily accessible and functional – the Tandoor-i delivers. This fully integrated tandoor oven is about to spark a revolution in home cooking and destined to be the centrepiece of high end modern kitchens.

18th October 2018 Amazon and Qualcomm Team Up to Bring Alexa to Headphones

Amazon and Qualcomm are joining forces to bring Alexa headphones to market with the release of a chip that will make it easy for any headphone manufacturer to embed voice-activated Alexa into their products. The Smart Headset Reference Design which the DesignEdge team has helped to develop is the first system reference design qualified by Amazon for Bluetooth headsets and delivers ultra-low-power consumption, extended playback time and includes Qualcomm cVc™ noise reduction technology which supports active noise cancellation and superior audio quality while in a voice call. “This radically reduces engineering cost and time to market and makes it simple for the industry to adopt this.” Anthony Murray, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Voice and Music. The end result is expected to be a flood of Alexa headphones and Bluetooth earbuds to take on Apple’s AirPods, but with Amazon’s Alexa onboard instead of Siri.

10th September 2018 Unlocking the Next Smart Door

DesignEdge has joined forces with a leading lock manufacturer to explore the design of its next generation electronic door lock. Technology such as the Internet of Things (IoT) is significantly influencing the way in which access codes are programmed, allowing accountability and key control of smart locks through mobile phone apps, RF cards and other methods increasing security throughout commercial and domestic applications.

The objective for DesignEdge was to engineer an ergonomic design and highly durable electronic lock within a luxury look die-cast enclosure encompassing a range of entry methods including the use of push-button code, smart card or smartphone. Proximity RFID technology allows users to unlock their doors via smart devices or with a keyfob that comes with the system. The result will mean controlling the entire lock system remotely and no more fumbling in the dark or trying to find your keys when your arms are full.

16th August 2018 A True Breakthrough in Flow Chemistry

Vapourtec develop and manufacture flexible, easy to use lab scale flow chemistry systems for mg to kg scale chemical synthesis. Flow chemistry involves a chemical reaction run in a continuous flow stream, allowing efficient manufacture of chemical products. DesignEdge has collaborated with Vapourtec on the industrial design of its latest E-Series systems which come in four initial template configurations, with two reactor positions, up to three revolutionary V-3 pumps and a large range of reactors it can be tailored towards particular areas of chemistry. Founder and MD Duncan Guthrie commented: “The real-world applications of continuous flow chemistry continue to grow with an increasing number of research breakthroughs and it is humbling to know that our technologies are playing their part in this progress. It’s a very exciting time to be involved in flow chemistry with positive implications for the pharma, industrial and education sectors, we are pleased to see our systems operating at the cutting edge of research in laboratories across the world.”

5th April 2018 New B1 Inkjet Printer from Inca Digital

Inca Digital will introduce its new B1 format printer at FESPA, DesignEdge was heavily involved on the industrial design and user interface aspects and also on Inca’s Onset X Series and SpyderX built on the same platform. The B1 has a fully automated system with feeder and stacker, 2-stage UV curing using UV-LED pinning on the carriage keeping heat sensitive substrates cool. A UV tunnel assists adhesion and durability, while technologies such as recirculating printheads and automated cleaning are designed for longevity.

‘This is our response to the market’s need for a robust inkjet solution capable of printing shorter runs on demand without compromise,’ announced John Mills, CEO. ‘The productivity gives commercial and screen printers confidence to take lower volume work off commercial printers, increasing productivity and opening up new revenue streams.’ The new machine is planned to be distributed globally by both Inca and Fujifilm.

24th March 2018 Leading The Way in Viscometry

DesignEdge has collaborated with Sheen Instruments, part of the Elektron Technology group on the design of their latest Digital Rotothinner viscometer, leading the way in viscometry. DesignEdge worked with cross-functional teams to reduce the cost of the product and refresh its image on the market, providing a complete end-to-end product development; from generating new ideas to refining the product design through to manufacture. The Rotothinner 455N has several new features including a larger display, levelling aid and interchangeable heads. The soft touch front mount keypad provides excellent tactile feedback for the user in industrial and test environments.

Three models are available: a disc shaped rotor (Ref 455N/15) allows for the addition of thinners so that test samples can be adjusted to their correct viscosity and for the rapid adjustment of production batches, two ball shaped rotors (Ref 455N/65 and 455N/340) may be used for more viscous samples.

14th February 2018 Videojet Redefines The Future of Inkjet Printing

Videojet Technologies, a global leader in the inkjet printing industry and product identification market has engaged the industrial design services of DesignEdge to create the 1860 continuous inkjet printer. After previously working on the 1580 printer,  the design challenge was to make the 1860 look great and fit for purpose, available with an IP66 rating, eliminating the need to remove the printer from the line during wash-down and engineered to fit on virtually any production line to integrate with existing factory systems. Anthony Blencowe, Global Business Director: “The customisable tablet interface with a simple menu structure and clear, easy to understand screen makes navigation familiar to users across skill levels and has embedded video instructions to help minimise operator errors.” With customer sales, service and training support of over 4000 members in 26 countries and a network of over 400 distributors serving 135 countries, the 1860 is set to enhance productivity today and evolve as future production needs change.

20th January 2018 DisplayLink Launches Radical Wireless VR

DisplayLink has worked with DesignEdge on new, radical XR technology for VR gaming which was launched at CES Las Vegas, the world’s biggest tech show. VR has come of age but current solutions require cable tethers between the head mounted display and the gaming PC. Wireless display connections enabled by XR technology allow VR users freedom of movement unlocking applications in gaming, simulation, education and commerce. The head mounted receiver reference design needed to feel comfortable and balanced, blending a distinctive aesthetic with functionality and great performance. John Cummins, “VR is changing the way we interact with computers and how we visualise information, yet a total experience for gaming isn’t possible while worrying about cables. Rapid movements such as turning or crouching can literally tie the user up in knots. DisplayLink’s industry proven compression technology and ultra-low latency enable a fully immersive experience and we’re excited to be showcasing at CES.”