14th May 2019 Google and Qualcomm to Make Smart Earbuds With The Google Assistant

Google wants to make it easier to create Google Assistant powered earbuds, so it has teamed up with Qualcomm to create chipsets that can help make the Assistant always accessible, making pairing with earbuds a more simplified process. DesignEdge’s industrial design expertise and manufacturing know-how was implemented in the development of the Qualcomm Smart Headset Development Kit for Google Assistant making it dead simple for companies to implement features into their own earbuds. Available as a reference design from Qualcomm and Google demonstrating how earbuds can be built with the chips inside. The Google and Qualcomm’s technology synergy means the chips enable access to the Google Assistant on your phone from your earbuds, connecting to Interpreter Mode, where Assistant can translate languages real time as well as Find My Accessory. The development kit is available for purchase today.

21st January 2019 Wide-Eye Traps And Retrieves Polyps

ARC Medical is committed to providing award-winning and innovative products and is leading the way in increasing Adenoma Detection Rates (ADR) and improving retrieval methods. DesignEdge and ARC have worked together on the ingenious Wide-Eye™ Polyptrap, a new more efficient device to retrieve resected polyps during clinical colonoscopy procedures.

The design features a unique transparent lid design with an inbuilt magnifying lens and upright positioning that provides enhanced visualization and verification of the smallest trapped polyp. Installation takes just seconds to help minimise loss of suction and an easy pull tab on the lid means quick and simple access to retrieve the polyp. Fast installation, unparalleled vision and quick collection means the Wide-Eye™ Polyptrap is the most efficient way to retrieve resected polyps.