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Cycling Without Chains

Published on January 10, 2021March 19th, 2021By

A Cambridge research company working with DesignEdge’s industrial design team has projected the traditional bicycle kicking and screaming from the 19th and into the 21st century. The SiCOOL® is an urban electric bicycle packed with technology and numerous completely new and cool features never seen before. The design needed to appeal to the city cyclist on a practical level and at the same time completely integrate a host of ideas and safety aspects, currently available only as bolt on and unsightly accessories. SiCOOL® sports a massive 1500+ lumen headlight bright enough to actually enable you to see where you are going, while foam filled tyres sport perfect balance, low rolling resistance, shock absorption and they’re 100% recyclable. So no more punctures – ever!

Tony Hooley, Technical Director at HLR, “Everything is powered by a single centralised hi-power Lithium Ion battery which is automatically charged by your cycling and because everything is built into the bike there’s nothing to steal and nothing to carry away at the end of your ride; no lights, batteries and locks. The seat is big and fully adjustable whilst built-in suspension both front and back makes for a very comfortable ride. The integral sealed shaft-drive replaces the ubiquitous oily chain. SiCOOL® is a test bed for a raft of new safety features and innovations built into a lean and light frame aimed at the ‘about town’ road cyclist.”

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