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DesignEdge Makes Sushi at Home Easy

Published on July 20, 2010March 20th, 2021By

It takes a sushi chef 7 years training to become an expert. DesignEdge was approached to create a new type of machine to simplify and demistify the making of Nigiri rice blocks and a new rice roller to completely de-skill the process of making maki rolls which traditionally required a high degree of training.

The Nigiri press consists of a rice loader with a plunger, a sliding mould tray with an ejector and a presentation tray. The Maki Rice Roller is the world’s first home maki sushi machine, creating either beautiful Futomaki or Hosomaki rice rolls.  Ease of use was the key and parts were designed for FDA approval and easily dismantled for dishwashing. In addition, DesignEdge created the packaging design, instruction leaflet and branding, sourcing and managing the production in Malaysia.

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