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Leading The Way in Viscometry

Published on March 24, 2018March 19th, 2021By

DesignEdge has collaborated with Sheen Instruments, part of the Elektron Technology group on the design of their latest Digital Rotothinner viscometer, leading the way in viscometry. DesignEdge worked with cross-functional teams to reduce the cost of the product and refresh its image on the market, providing a complete end-to-end product development; from generating new ideas to refining the product design through to manufacture. The Rotothinner 455N has several new features including a larger display, levelling aid and interchangeable heads. The soft touch front mount keypad provides excellent tactile feedback for the user in industrial and test environments.

Three models are available: a disc shaped rotor (Ref 455N/15) allows for the addition of thinners so that test samples can be adjusted to their correct viscosity and for the rapid adjustment of production batches, two ball shaped rotors (Ref 455N/65 and 455N/340) may be used for more viscous samples. DesignEdge has also successfully help design and develop the Elektron MPS II macular pigmenty screening ophthalmic device.

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