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Molecular Dream Rocket in Wonderland

Published on August 27, 2011March 23rd, 2021By

Gastronomist Heston Blumenthal, OBE has employed an instrument designed by DesignEdge to dream up an edible watch.For the mock turtle soup’s mad hatters pocket watch I had to employ the most cutting edge technology and methodology that I have in the kitchen by using the Rocket™ vacuum centrifuge. With its strobe and purple flashing lights it mesmerised my development chefs who took any and every opportunity to use it. It enabled me to create an incredibly intense essence.” Click here to see the article in the Telegraph newspaper.

Adds Alasdair Barnett: “The radical styling of the Rocket™ compliments its advanced technology and making the product stand out within crowded laboratory buyer guides and trade shows.” Instrument Business Outlook (IBO) announced the Rocket™ as a winner of its 16th annual IBO Design Awards for excellence in the industrial design of analytical instruments.


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