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RBS Emerging Technologies Competition Finalist

Published on January 20, 2015March 19th, 2021By

Rapid Biosensor System a developer of medical devices has been selected as a Royal Society of Chemistry Emerging Technologies finalist. DesignEdge has worked with RBS to developed a rapid, disposable instrument that can detect tuberculosis (TB) within two minutes from collecting a cough sample. The breathalyser has been successfully tested in India and Ethiopia and could deliver screening products for diseases including bovine TB, E.Coli and potentially pneumonia.

Dr McCash said, “We are delighted to have our technology recognised in the competition final. We believe in market-driven technology development right from the outset of having a good scientific concept. We can build company value and grow market share by developing products for infectious diseases based on our IP.” Every day 5000 people die of TB and 9 million new cases are diagnosed yearly this breathalyser could prove a vital weapon in the battle against this growing threat to world health.

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