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Renishaw Wins Best Supplier Award in China

Published on February 17, 2011March 23rd, 2021By

Renishaw has won the prestigious Best Supplier Award at the 2010 China Higher Educational Equipment Supplier Evaluation. The inVia Raman microscope is the first and only Raman spectrometer to win this award. inVia’s unique combination of high sensitivity and spectral resolution with full automation, helped earn it the highest score. DesignEdge was employed to develop the light-tight enclosure and door mechanism, giving a wide access aperture and easy sample loading.

A development cycle time of just 18 weeks from concept to production was achieved to keep Renishaw at the leading edge of Raman technology and help its users perform world class research. Renishaw’s inVia is currently the market leader in the Chinese high-end research-grade Raman market and The Best Supplier Award reflects Renishaw’s growing reputation among China’s leading universities.

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