What We Delivered


Key Objectives

DesignEdge was tasked with implementing leading edge CrontoSign visual transaction signing technology for secure online banking within a device that needed to be durable, and able to survive the environment of the user’s pocket or briefcase for at least 3 years. As banking users should be able to conduct their business anywhere, the device needs to be with them all the time. The product design challenge was to achieve the optimal combination of portability, robustness and simplicity at the lowest price point within a simple to use and handheld package. These requirements presented a mission to create a plastic enclosure that achieves the minimum dimensions, yet is robust and will resist wear and tear for years of use.



The key was creating a product that was extremely compact and pocket-sized, almost shrink wrapping the electronics. The product design language reflects a discreet and intuitive security appliance, combining ease of use within a clean and dynamic shape and inviting the user to slide the device into their pocket. The highly polished central control and rear overlays contrast with the lightly textured almost matt finish on the surround to provide textural variety. Rather than using the traditional lithium button cells CrontoSign holds three removable AAA batteries to improve the operating life. CrontoSign delivers a sophisticated technology, with the highest level of user acceptance for personal security devices, and is set to revolutionise the security of billions of online banking transactions worldwide. DesignEdge was able to provide the technical industrial product design to help them achieve their goals.

“The device is aimed at the large scale retail banking deployments (i.e. millions of users) and therefore needed to meet the price expectations yet convey the feeling of exclusivity and quality. In the retail online banking environment, the critical challenge of a new product introduction is how it is to the operations of the customer. CrontoSign is a personal portable security device at the forefront of banking security, an essential part of the online banking service - creating an intuitive user experience that just works.”

Bruce Hutchison
CRONTOSIGN - innovative authentication device

Secure online banking

Using a large screen as a viewfinder to display transaction details, and automatically capturing the image the device camera utilises a recognisable photo/video capture perception model. The typical user action requires just one touch of a button to generate the transaction number (TAN), press and hold the power button to switch on the device. This is further emphasised by the design in the shape and layout of the power and ancillary buttons used for occasional functionality. CrontoSign enhances user-convenience by reducing the level of user interaction when signing Internet transactions through the built in camera; encrypted data from the PC display is automatically transferred. The coloured display offers an added visual convenience.

A visual transaction signing solution

CrontoSign is a patented visual transaction signing solution targeted towards online banking services, its innovative technology is a simple, user friendly and effective way to withstand even very sophisticated attacks by Trojan malware. Account holders can simply “scan” the image and verify the transaction details on a trusted display. Ideally suited for banks looking to use e-signatures to secure online transactions without compromising user friendliness.


1.7″ TFT 160 x 128px displays a graphical cryptogram consists of a matrix of coloured dots which are displayed on the end user’s screen.


Soft menu buttons sit either side of the main power button to enhance user friendliness.


CrontoSign is extremely compact almost shrink wrapping the electronics and designed to fit in the pocket, combining ease of use within a clean and dynamic shape.


A removable battery access cover allows the user to easily replace the 3 x AAA batteries when required.


Camera with live video streaming, users simply scan a graphical cryptogram for capture and decryption before the transaction details are presented for user verification.


Battery protection file to be removed before use allows for storage and shipping transit.