What We Delivered

Key Objectives

The challenge was set to improve the colonoscopy procedure in terms of visibility, detection, speed and patient comfort. The key was to maximize the viewable mucosa during endoscopic therapy by manipulating the colonic folds. With over 60 million procedures worldwide the possibility of increasing the number of polyps identified during a procedure would revolutionise detection rates within cancer screening.


Designs were developed iteratively through initial concepts and a multitude of prototypes, and eventually into final manufacturing data to produce the EndoCuff™.  Its unique industrial design uses advanced polymer technology to provide a rigid support structure combined with flexible projections which gently open the colon wall. EndoCuff™ reduces slippage, assisting the physician by maintaining a steady view while instruments are fed through the biopsy channel.

“DesignEdge's approach of combining thought provoking simple and beautiful designs that can be mass produced for a worldwide market is why we has chosen them for all our design and development work.”

Mr Patrick AxonConsultant and Founder
Award-winning development

Rewarding innovation and exceptional performance

EndoCuff™ has won a number of prestigious design awards including the Industrial Product Design of the Year category of the Plastics Industry Awards 2013, dedicated to rewarding innovation and exceptional performance to the best designers within the polymer field. Also the coveted Red Dot Award in 2012 and a Silver Award in the A’ Design Awards and was a finalist in the Design Week and D&AD Awards.


Statistically significant improvement in adenoma detection rates.

ENDOCUFF VISION® is disposable and simply pushes over the tip of all commonly used colonoscopes. Its unique hinged arms fall flat against the shaft of the colonoscope to create a smooth low friction surface forward advancement. During withdrawal, the arms flare out and stabilize the tip, gently stretching the mucosal surface for close inspection.

  • Delivers yet more tip control throughout the colon without compromising intubation and improving loop management.
  • Gives an early and controlled view of the upstream of large folds so no need for repeated intubation.
  • Enables detailed inspection of flexures by preventing sudden slip back and red out.
  • Opens concertinaed tracts of sigmoid colon as the arms gently separate the folds to provide a clear view of the mucosa between them.
  • Acts as a handbrake, optimising tip position during therapy and polyp retrieval.
  • There really is no hiding place for polyps.