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Key Objectives

After the success of the original EZ-2 SP Genevac engaged with the DesignEdge industrial design team to set the design DNA for the next generation of their benchtop evaporators. DesignEdge was tasked with refreshing the existing SP design language with a clear aesthetic difference from it’s competitors while incorporating SP’s advanced expertise in evaporation science and feedback from bench scientists. Ergonomics would be a key consideration to augment the user experience while careful exploration of product architecture was required to create a highly compact, space efficient footprint.


DesignEdge synergised with engineering and marketing in making the design as user-centric as possible whilst implementing multiple new features. The SpeedTrap™ condenser jar is carefully situated at the front to improve accessibility and visibility – simple to remove and replace. The new intuitive touchscreen interface has been ergonomically located forwards with ‘press-and-go’ operation and at-a-glance monitoring of operational parameters. The distinctive industrial design, latest evaporation technology and ultimate usability brings the new EZ-2 to the forefront of laboratory instrumentation design.

“DesignEdge collaborated closely with our marketing and the development team and was instrumental in taking ideas from initial sketches exploring potential new product architecture through to a cohesive product vision. Their empathy and agility allowed us to move forward efficiently and achieve every planned business milestone. Based around advances in evaporation science and feedback from bench scientists, the resulting EZ-2 4.0 is a clean, intuitive design within a highly compact footprint. The enhancements represent a major step forward in evaporation technology, aimed at helping our customers accelerate breakthroughs in their scientific research.”

Ian WhitehallCMO, SP Industries, Inc.
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New EZ-2 4.0 Series – The Most Compact High-Performance Sample Concentrator.

The iconic design language blends soft but controlled forms, broad radii and intersecting volumes further developing the SP Genevac design language. The resulting design reflects the scientific excellence inherent in the latest evaporation technology and SP’s commitment to quality and engineering excellence. The result is enriched with premium and sophisticated details – a perfect balance between performance, usability, ergonomics and aesthetics.

Accelerating Breakthroughs In Life Science Research

Leading edge industrial design, an intuitive touch screen and patented features means the new EZ-2 represents a major step forward in evaporation technology. Designed to minimize its environmental impact, with low Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerant, a standby mode to help save energy and reduced use of plastic throughout, EZ-2 centrifugal evaporator aims to accelerate breakthroughs in scientific research.

High Power Lamps

Easy access panel to high power lamps, software improvements enhance the overall performance for faster evaporation rates.

Intuitive Touchscreen

DesignEdge helped to develop the intuitive touchscreen controls featuring intuitive programming, a simplified icon based UI and easy review of the whole evaporation process for effortless “day-in, day-out” use.

Sample Loading

Built in patented technologies include SP’s Dri-Pure® sample protection system preventing cross-contamination, advanced sample temperature control technology as well as accommodating a wide range of sample holders.

Advanced Design

The industrial design incorporates an inventive and easy to assemble combining a large scale PU RIM enclosure and a silicone display surround to promote the ultimate solvent evaporation technology.

LED Lighting

Blue illumination indicates system is fully operational, provides a level of user reassurance and highlights the evaporation process.

User-centric Design

Ergonomic redesign with the SpeedTrap™ jar at the front for easy visibility; removing/replacing it is also much simpler and intuitive.