What We Delivered


Key Objectives

DesignEdge was commissioned to handle the industrial product design and mechanical engineering of a new scientific instrument to detect and monitor glaucoma conditions. Our aim from the start was to combine new optics technology with innovative product design in a way that would surpass the competition in terms of function and style. The objectives needed to respond to requests for a smaller footprint screener that could integrate with existing computer networks. With space at a premium, there is a rising demand for fast, accurate vision screening for Glaucoma in a small, portable package, that can be used by optometrists or by a hospital bedside to perform all central field tests.


DesignEdge developed a patient unit with a fully motorized movement to allow adjustment to individual patients, the eyepiece allows various lenses to be inserted to fit comfortably around the eye. The controller unit was designed with its own intuitive touch-screen technology. DesignEdge was able to use its considerable experience in manufacturing materials and processes to generate a design that could be produced affordably using injection moulded plastics and low cost UK tooling. The Henson 7000 is the ideal all-round glaucoma screener: intuitive for operators; comfortable for patients. Its fast, accurate and customisable tests enable streamlined, patient-centred screening.

“Good design is now a lot more important to opticians, due to the competition. It’s now good to have nice looking equipment to let customers know that you provide a quality service. Our equipment now fits in nicely with the other equipment that opticians have in their practice. It’s been very well received in the industry. In fact so much so that we are now looking to modify other products using the techniques we have learned. I really believe it is the best union of form and function.”

Adrian ChurchElektron Technology PLC
Henson 7000 - Glaucoma Screener

Sensitivity, specificity and speed

DesignEdge leveraged its extensive NPD experience and Design for Manufacture expertise to bring the sleek and elegant design to life, providing invaluable input during every stage of the development process, from generating the complex 3D CAD geometry to signing off large scale injection moulding tools. The focus was always to deliver a medical device with the best possible manufacturing quality whilst making no compromise on its human-centred design. Sensitivity, specificity and speed in a uniquely robust and portable visual field screener – the Henson 7000 provides complete flexibility to any glaucoma screening programme.

Designed and manufactured in the UK

Henson technology was developed in collaboration with David Henson, Emeritus Professor of Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences at the University of Manchester. The screener weighs just 5kg and incorporates the new algorithm for improving the detection and monitoring of glaucoma. A visual field screening test takes as little as two minutes and the processes are fully automated. Henson 7000 is dedicated to high performance and ease-of-use within a compact, modern design.


The weighted rigid base has anti-slip feet to ensure the product does not move during testing.


A motorised adjustment via the keypad allows height adjustment to fully suit the patient’s height and posture.


A lens holder allows trial lenses to be inter-changed to match a patient’s prescription allowing them to remove their glasses during the examination.


A removable clip-in surround allows the lens to be accessed, removed and cleaned.


The 7000 is robust and ultra-portable offering both single and multiple stimulus suprathreshold screening for fast glaucoma detection.


The soft rubber eye-piece has been carefully designed to gently cup around the patient’s eye.