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Key Objectives

SP Genevac and DesignEdge have been designing ground breaking products for over ten years, so we were delighted when they approached us to develop their latest solvent evaporator range. The all new Series 3 HT evaporator represents the ultimate in solvent removal technology. The product design brief needed to incorporate a new high performance vacuum pump, the latest touchscreen technology and sleek ergonomic design.


DesignEdge worked closely on the UI to create an intuitive touchscreen to enhance monitoring for ultimate ease of use. The wide front opening and new lower height provides easy, comfortable sample loading making the HT evaporator the leading edge instrument for pharmaceutical laboratories around the world. Genevac HT series evaporators are the ideal solution for parallel evaporation bottlenecks in high throughput and production laboratories having high performance and high sample capacities.

“With the now well established relationship between DesignEdge and the Genevac development team our latest system builds on and complements the cutting edge design of the award-winning Rocket. Design Edge worked patiently and effectively with the Genevac team, guiding us through numerous iterations of the concept whilst adapting to our constantly evolving requirements. They enabled us to achieve a final design which represents the now recognisable Genevac brand image of sleek lines combined with rugged functionality. One of their the best designs yet, we are delighted with the reception the Series 3 HT has received in our industry and look forward to working with DesignEdge on future projects.”

Graham BroadbentDirector of Product Development, Genevac SP Scientific
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Perfect results – no monitoring or intervention required for excellent sample recovery.

Easy operation, minimum maintenance requirements and almost no user intervention required during a run. Simplified manual and automatic programming means even the most complex multi-stage evaporation methods can be set-up and run quickly and easily. The compact and sleek design is unmistakably robust and a new door actuator ensures error-free access even when in constant use. The SP Genevac HT Series Evaporators are the most innovative and environmentally-friendly evaporators yet.

Proven design at the forefront of solvent evaporation

Next generation evaporator range for high throughput evaporation boasting ergonomic product design, patented temperature control, built-in bumping prevention as well as the latest in touchscreen technology and new high performance vacuum pump enabling process optimisation. Touchscreen controls enhance the review of the whole evaporation process and pre-set ‘Press & Go’ operation options for the most popular solvent removal protocols, ideal for busy and occasional users alike.


Ergonomic design

DesignEdge worked closely with engineering to create a rugged product design with clean lines and a modern look. The integrated condenser meaning a smaller system footprint.

Intuitive Touchscreen

DesignEdge helped to develop the intuitive touchscreen controls featuring intuitive programming, a simplified icon based UI and easy review of the whole evaporation process.

Spacious Interior

The redesigned chamber with wipe clean coating has fewer obstacles to clean around. Improved chamber heating also eliminates cold spots and subsequent condensation.

Advanced Design

The product design incorporates an inventive and easy to assemble combination of large scale PU RIM parts and a silicone display surround to envelop and promote what is the ultimate solvent evaporation technology.

Easy Loading

Front opening for easy access, the Series 3 HT evaporators features a new 6 place rotor which accept all existing Genevac holders.

High Throughput

Ideal for parallel evaporation bottlenecks in high throughput and production laboratories combining speed with large sample capacities. The unique design of the multi-layer rotor ensures efficient use of valuable laboratory bench space.

LED Lighting

Blue illumination indicates system is in operation and provides a level of user reassurance. ‘Press & Go’ methods makes all processes easy and productive even for occasional users.