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Key Objectives

Working within a tight fixed 19″ form factor DesignEdge were tasked with designing and developing a phone charging and docking system that not only looked stylish but could accommodate 16 phones. The technical product design brief incorporated the requirement to fit the existing Thundersync controller an electromechanical mechanism for individual phone locking as well as an adjustable cable connection system that could fit a variety of different phone and case sizes. The MODiT also required adjustment for the phone depth without the need to remove the cover.


DesignEdge worked closely with the Cambridge based Cambrionix engineering team to develop a compact stylish product design incorporating all the mechanical requirements from the design brief. Stackable, rackable and suitable for fixing to a wall or sitting on a desk, ModIT modules can be easily stored for trouble-free access. Features include configurable LEDs; a simplified cable management system; and integrated anti-microbial technology for healthcare settings. The innovative solution has allowed Cambrionix to file several patents.

“ModIT Docking and Charging Station is an easy charge, sync and store unit for 16 mobile phones in this self-contained 19” charging station module. DesignEdge delivered a number of innovative concepts for both the mechanics and styling which allowed us to move the design forward with speed and confidence. Through the design process we have also successfully filed a number of patents. The finished product not only looks impressive but it integrates innovative security features within a space saving form factor. I would have no hesitation in recommending DesignEdge’s development skills to any company needing to successfully bring products to market on time and within budget”

Steve TysonManaging Director, Cambrionix
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Tap, Grab, Go – A smarter, faster way to manage shared mobile phones

The MODiT by Cambridge based Cambrionix can store, charge and sync up to 16 mobile phones in the self contained smart USB hub modular charging docking station system. The product design by DesignEdge in Cambridge makes using large numbers of shared mobile devices (whatever make or model they are) in your workplace much smarter.

Eye-catching form with revolutionary function

ModIT is a compact, customisable, modular, charging hardware solution for easy workplace access to shared smartphones. Intelligent, self-adjusting output optimises the charging and syncing of devices, the smarter way for organisations to manage multiple shared mobile devices.

DesignEdge worked closely with engineering to create a patented flexible and adjustable phone cable clip system.
Phones are locked into position with a hinged arm linked to a linear drive mechanism.
The injection moulded facia provides a clean, modern aesthetic and includes mechanical features for the locking and docking system.
The Boss system can control a number of Max systems through the UI.
DesignEdge developed the modular product design that can be standalone or rack mounted.
The product design incorporates a sheet metal enclosure that provides a simple yet stylish aesthetic.
Phones can be unlocked with the key via an RFID card.