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Every step of the way

Our clients come to us at all stages of their product journey. From the very beginnings of an idea to a need for rapid prototyping or mechanical design. We listen and then we apply our expertise and in-depth knowledge to make their vision real.


DesignEdge can work with you from the start of your product development programme. We can plan, identify milestones, key design phases and define a detailed product requirement specification. Our expertise can be used in research, competitor analysis and emerging technologies to identify development opportunities. We can access our extensive human factors and anthropometric database to optimise any ergonomics input. We know the impact of materials and production can have on the perceived value of your product in the market place and you can benefit from this knowledge.

  • Product requirement specification (PRS)
  • Detailed research and planning
  • Key competitor analysis to identify development opportunities
  • Future trend awareness, product strategy and feasibility
  • Ergonomics, anthropometrics and human factors
  • IP (Intellectual Property) assessment and development
  • Advise on suitable materials and manufacturing processes


DesignEdge excels at producing fast, accurate and realistic concepts to explore a wide range of design ideas both mechanically and aesthetically. We provide design-led innovation across a wide range of industry sectors, generating design ideas using digital sketching techniques or 3D CAD models. Our powerful rendering software generates exciting, photo-realistic visuals and can easily apply a variety of materials, colours, surface finishes and graphics to create visuals to bring your ideas to life.

  • Innovation teamworking
  • Opportunity planning
  • Product architecture and component configuration
  • Concept brainstorming and ideation
  • Market research
  • Technology implementation
  • 3D CAD modelling and high quality photo-realistic renderings
  • Full product animation
  • Mechanical and mechanism concepts
  • Digital concept visualisation sketches and idea generation
  • Evaluation, brand exploration and development
  • User interface experience approach and proposals

Industrial Design

With DesignEdge you can be confident that your design will not only look fantastic, but will be realistic and cost-effective every time. Our industrial design team combines rapid development techniques with an in-depth knowledge of aesthetics, human factors, materials and processes, developing production intent products from concept to full commercialisation. We will not waste your time with unrealistic concepts, taking exciting initial sketches to detailed parts ready for manufacture without sacrificing style.

Our designers and engineers use SolidWorks and years of experience to get your products rolling off the production line – on time and on budget.

  • Research suitable materials, processes and technologies
  • Concept refinement and evaluation with the client
  • Rapidly produced form models to allow for 3D evaluation
  • Accurate internal 3-D geometry assemblies
  • Detailed parts design and 2D critical drawings
  • Interference detection and component draft analysis
  • Technical detail for manufacture, BoM and RFQ data pack
  • Assembly sequence documentation
  • Branding development, product graphics
  • Labelling and production ready artwork
  • User interface development
  • Silicone rubber keypad design
  • Colour, material and finish (CMF) trends

Mechanical Engineering

As well as developing your product on an aesthetic level we provide an integral electro-mechanical engineering service, supporting in-house skills with complex mechanisms and test fixture design.

SolidWorks Simulation allows our product engineers to evaluate structural performance under a range of physical scenarios.

The powerful virtual testing environment enables engineers to determine thermal models, finite element analysis, product mechanical resistance, product durability and test heat transfer.

Using Simulation early in the design process allows our clients to maximize product quality and reduce costs, optimising products based on a range of physical and geometrical parameters.

  • Regulatory compliance, CE-marking and FDA approval support
  • Mechanism development, analysis and testing
  • Proof-of-principle, stress and tolerance studies
  • 3D CAD, computer simulation and physical test rigs to allow constant validation
  • Concurrent and value engineering to reduce costs and improve performance
  • Design for manufacture, high volume automated or low volume manual
  • Design for assembly and disassembly to suit the WEEE directive


Deciding which type of process to use per project, needs an understanding of what the prototype is to be used for and is a great way to refine the design. We utilise the latest rapid prototyping techniques such as stereo lithography, selective laser sintering and DMLS. We can test and evaluate the design with overall space models for touch and feel purposes, through to ergonomic rigs and small batch production runs. Small batch vacuum castings of real working products can also be produced to assist with client presentations. We can also provide sheet metal working, CNC machining, thermoforming, labelling and painting finishes.

  • Foam models, functional prototypes or non-working visual models
  • Test rigs, engineering jigs and fixtures
  • Rapid prototypes, SLA, SLS, DMLS
  • CNC machining
  • Vacuum casting batch production using silicone tooling
  • Short run low cost injection moulding
  • Zinc or aluminium die casting and extrusions
  • Short run keypads and labels
  • Sheet metal fabrications
  • Spray painting and finishing
  • Hand assembly and finishing
  • Evaluation, testing and inspection


We offer manufacturing support to our customers all the way through to product launch and beyond. We have a proven track record in successful award-winning product development.

Our extensive supplier and manufacturer network means we can help you source components and set-up manufacture, both in the UK or the Far East. We can also help with prototyping, low volume production, packaging and quality control to ensure your product looks and performs exactly as expected.

  • Vendor research, tooling and contract manufacturer selection
  • Contract negotiations – price negotiations
  • BoM, exploded view diagrams and AVL documentation
  • Version and change control procedures
  • Quality matters, manufacturing and test plan
  • Supporting toolmakers, analysis of 1st shot parts and problem solving
  • Supply chain, logistics set-up and regulatory approvals liaison
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