At DesignEdge we utilise the latest rapid prototyping techniques such as stereo lithography, selective laser sintering and DMLS. We can test and evaluate the design with overall space models for touch and feel purposes, through to ergonomic rigs and small batch production runs. Deciding which type of process to use per project, needs an understanding of what the prototype is to be used for and is a great way to test and refine the design. Small batch vacuum castings of real working products can also be produced to assist with client presentations. We also can also provide sheet metal working, CNC machining, photo-fabrications, thermoforming, labelling and painting finishes.

  • Foam models, functional prototypes or non-working visual models
  • Test rigs, engineering jigs and fixtures
  • Rapid prototypes, SLA, SLS, DMLS, CNC machining
  • Vacuum casting batch production using silicone tooling
  • Short run low cost tooling to allow injection moulding or metal parts
  • Sheet metal fabrications, spray painting and finishing
  • Evaluation, testing and inspection