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Innovation Alley Winner

Published on May 10, 2023February 20th, 2024By

We are both proud and thrilled that Cambridge Tech Week, an independent panel has recognised Infersens with the Innovation Alley Award. Infersens is an edgeAI deep tech company focused on transforming sensor technology. DesignEdge has collaborated with Infersens on the product design and development of Cortense,  an ultra-low power, a clip-on, flow and temperature sensor which automates Legionella risk monitoring in building water systems. The sensors support efficient, wide-scale deployment, reducing costs and environmental impact.

Based in Cambridge, Infersens brings sophisticated deep learning models to extremely low-power sensors, opening a raft of new data-rich sensor applications that were previously hard or even impossible to address. Sensing technology tracks water flow and temperature, providing an intelligent insight on complex water systems. Non-invasive, simple to install and entirely wireless, these compact, easy to deploy devices are an essential tool for point-of-use water management at scale. Monitoring both water flow and temperature reliably and efficiently, Cortense is the first device of its kind available on the market and could transform Legionella risk management and cut water waste.

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