20th January 2018 DisplayLink Launches Radical Wireless VR

DisplayLink has worked with DesignEdge on new, radical XR technology for VR gaming which was launched at CES Las Vegas, the world’s biggest tech show. VR has come of age but current solutions require cable tethers between the head mounted display and the gaming PC. Wireless display connections enabled by XR technology allow VR users freedom of movement unlocking applications in gaming, simulation, education and commerce. The head mounted receiver reference design needed to feel comfortable and balanced, blending a distinctive aesthetic with functionality and great performance. John Cummins, “VR is changing the way we interact with computers and how we visualise information, yet a total experience for gaming isn’t possible while worrying about cables. Rapid movements such as turning or crouching can literally tie the user up in knots. DisplayLink’s industry proven compression technology and ultra-low latency enable a fully immersive experience and we’re excited to be showcasing at CES.”