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Earbud Design Delivers a Punch of Sound

Published on June 30, 2015March 23rd, 2021By

DesignEdge has teamed up with a local manufacturer to help showcase its latest chipset within a pair of Bluetooth wireless earbuds designed to deliver a powerful punch of sound.

DesignEdge has a wealth of experience in the conceptualization, design and specification of innovative products which we brought to an earbud that is both comfortable to wear, simple to assemble and visually pleasing. The ergonomic design is easy to fit and discreet while the organic form factor compliments the shape of the ear. A sculpted charging case provides a viewing window protecting the buds when they are not in use yet is robust enough to toss in your gym bag when you are finished. Working closely with cross-functional teams DesignEdge has established an aesthetic and design language that increases brand loyalty resulting in a feature rich earbud offering users a wire-free stereo audio experience.

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